Coming into daily life - compositions of phone recordings and electronic flute by korean artist Iver Kim.
Iver Kim released the composition ‘Waves piece’ together with @laurakampman on Laura’s debut EP ‘Coming into daily life’. One day Laura sent over a recording of waves and asked if Iver could play flute as if it was having a conversation with the waves. This improvisation in its totality led to ‘Waves piece’ which will be performed on the 20th of March in Nachbar.

"Laura Kampman, a photographer and composer, has been transitioning from capturing moments through photographs to recording the sounds of her surroundings using her phone. For several years, she has documented various environments, conversations, melodies, objects, animals and moments with loved ones. She also actively seeks out and collects sound snippets from other individuals, asking them to share their phone recordings. She intertwines these diverse recordings, blending them into meditative sonic landscapes."
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