Collaboration work with Guinneissik
<"meet me at 1.048596 :)"> uses the classical minimalism of the 1970s, especially the phasing technique of electronic music. This work focuses on the time difference that appears when the tempo of a song fluctuates and the rhythmic effect that arises from it.​​​​​​​
We  made  an  algorithm  to  connect  TouchDesigner  with  TouchOSC,  AbletonLive,  and  Kinect.  This  work  positively reinterprets the confusion of digital media caused by 'time difference' through the experience of trying to ensemble through Zoom but failed due to the time difference of the internet connection. Audiences create their own melody and audiovisual (persona) by providing answers to questions set 'under the stage' as information, and 'on the stage' they enjoy their own music and audiovisual along with the previous person's melody.
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