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Data /Audio Visual | Iver Kim
Interaction Design | Guinneissik, Iver Kim

guinneissik ^ Iver, milk ’n fridge, video(color, sound; interactive), four speakers, 2022
2022 K-Arts in Osaka: コミュニケーション 大阪韓国文化院 ミリネギャラリー・ヌリホール
主催: 駐大阪韓国文化院 
協力: 韓国芸術総合学校 ATラボ

"milk 'n fridge" is an audiovisual installation inspired by the mythology of  "Echo and Narcissus". 
The work begins with the question of whether Narcissus could have avoided a tragic ending if he had seen himself through the voice and eyes of Echo, rather than his own reflection in the pond. In "milk 'n fridge", the tempo of phase music-based electronic music changes according to the distance between the audience and the screen. Distorted water image refers to a regular rhythm. On the other hand, a mirror-like surface image emits irregular noises. Like Narcissus, who could not find himself in the confined world of the pond, only the virtual image of water exists in perfectly arranged sound. In order for the audience to search for their true self within the work, they must face the outside of the pond, that is, the noise and chaos.
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