Rave Geometry Series (2022)
Lost Air, Four-channel video, color, sound

Lee Woogyeong

Assistant Director:
Kim Iver
Choi Heeyun

Data Visual Director:
Kim Iver
Kim Doheon

Choi Heeyun
Lee Woogyeong

Choi Heeyun

Music 1,2,3 Producer:
Park Minju

Music 4 Producer:
remji thunder

MMCA Seoul
6. Nov. 2022 ~ 9. Apr. 2023

Lost Air explores the spatial and geopolitical meaning of parties in the Korean underground club scene through their project named Rave Geometry. The project consists of a series of parties, four parties at Euljiro, Hongdae, Itaewon, and Seongsu area from July to September, one in October held in collaboration with ZER01NE DAY, before reaching MMCA Seoul, where the after party will be held. Each member of the team questions the point of intersection between art and technology based on their different specialties and explores the expansion of subcultures and their communities. (MMCA, 2022-2023)
I participated in the project as a technician, data-visual director and assistant director. I was in charge of collecting pointcloud data of the spaces and interviewees/ravers with Kinect's and LiDAR sensors, designing them into an audiovisual interview.
This project was organized and sponsored by MMCA Seoul(National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) and Hyundai Motor Company.

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