WFS Concert

ARDEMAR @oardemar
Iver Kim @h.iver.h
and others*
*A selection of pieces by one of the creators of the WFS System, Wouter Snoei.

FRI 21.04.2023
HKU IBB-Laan Room 1.34

Part 0 | 15:00-15:35
*for HKU Students and others not registered to ICLC.
registration needed via link in my bio

Part 1 | 16:00-16:35
Part 2 | 16:40-17:20
*only for ICLC, registration needed via link in my bio or @iclc_2023

Free entrance
Limited seats available

About WFS:

Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) is a sound production technology designed specifically for spatial audio rendering. Virtual acoustic environments are simulated and synthesised using large numbers of loudspeakers. The WFS system from The Game of Life consists of 192 speakers, which are arranged in a square formation of 10 by 10 meters.


<0204> <dim>

Iver Kim, born in South Korea in 1998 is a multidisciplinary artist studying Music and Technology at HKU. 
Kim's emotional composition, <0204> is an homage to her grandmother, who unfortunately passed away in her home country shortly after the artist arrived here in the Netherlands. Kim mourned her in sound, utilizing recordings from the funeral event, exploring textures and silence to create a gutting sorrow. the piece is a trajectory, an attempt to find closure, a try for immense emotion to resolve into peace.
Her other piece, <dim> samples "Polovtsian Dances" from Alexander Borodin's opera Prince Igor. This piece has been re-arranged for the WFS system.

"A Terra a quem a trabalha!"

ARDEMAR, born in Portugal in 1999, is a musician and creative coder studying Music and Technology at HKU.
Based on a song of a Portuguese traditional genre of collective singing “cante alentejano”, titled “Reforma Agrária” the artist tries to expand the original songs meaning and sentiment, as the original song was created as a lament, as the cries of “The land to those who work in it!” and “Agricultural reform now!” were never met, as reactionaries were able to pressure corrupt politicians to crush the action taken by poor Portuguese farmers with armed police shortly after the fascist dictatorship that oppressed Portuguese workers came to an end in 1974.

Motion Poster by Iver Kim

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